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My history as a painter, as with many, started with those wonderful finger paints in grade school. I remember loving the feeling I had while playing with the color red  on a paper.  There was something powerful about knowing my hand could manipulate such a powerful energy… color! As life would have it, visual art would not take a seat in my life again until December 2020. Painting flooded my life unexpectedly as a healer during a very difficult time. I was given a gift of an easel, paint set and paintbrushes for my birthday on December 14th, 2020 and I haven't stopped painting since. 

I would consider myself primarily an abstract expressionistic artist because of the freedom and emotion I feel while painting and beholding this type of art. It allows me to present emotion, dialogue and space for free thought and connection. However, I do not limit myself to one style of art as I am ever exploring and ever evolving.  I would describe my artistic work style  as largely holistic and organic. 


 Through art, I am able to examine how emotion correlates to color, how music influences content and how cultures shapes artistic style. I desire to create a work that connects others to spirit, experiences, emotion, instinct, culture, and society.  

While I am a visual artist, I have a strong performing arts background. I am an Art's educator, Arts advocate, Artistic director of Marvalous Productions LLC. I'm a published poet, emcee, choreographer, and creative writer. Just call me a "Creative"!    

The subject of my artwork highlights personal experience, experiments with the relationship between colors and holistic therapy, examines movement, energy, frequency waves and flow, as well as exploration of creative ways to dispense paint onto surfaces.

In the future I hope to continue producing art that will guide others to their own realizations, truth and feelings about life, culture and our world. 

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